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West Bengal State Fishermen’s Co-operative Federation Ltd.
(An organization under Department of Fisheries, Govt. of West Bengal)
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=:: ABOUT US ::=

In the year 1978 the Department of Fishberies and Department of Co-operative jointly under took a survey and decided to take financial assistance from NCDC for all around social and financial development of the fishermen community. At the time there were only 7 central Fishermen's Co-Operative Society in the state and there wss no apex Co-operative Society for the fishermen/fish farmer. Thus West Bengal State Co-operative Federation Ltd.(BENFISH) was established and registered under the West Bengal Co-operative Acts & Rules in the year 1978 as the apex body of the Fishermen's Co-operatives in the state bearing its registered no 15/(cal)/78. The objectives for augumenting fish production by introducing scientific method of pisciculture and for upliftment of socio=economic condition of the poor fishermen by introducing modern crafts and gears. It is a state level fishermen's cooperative being managed by the Board of Directors By dint of efficient management, almost all society memnbers have been able to increase the fish production as well as improve the socio-economic condition of the poor fisherman to a considerable extent. Benfish Board consists of 19 Directors(six Directors elected from Primary Fishery Co-operative Societies, nine from Central Fishery Co-operative Societies, NCDC's representative, one employee;s representative & Managing Director & one Govt. nominee as Director.) as per approved Bye Laws. At present its turnover is about 481 crore(Approx.) Benfish gives total leadership for coordinated works in Fisheries activities to 19 Central and 203 Primary Fishermen's Co-operative Societies under 3-tier Cooperative System. It has 357 employees(243 confirmed employees, 3 regular employees on probation and 111- contract, job workers and part time employees) who are actively working in different projects. Presently, there is no BOARD in BENFISH. Managing Director, Benfish is functioning as Special Officer.

=:: VISION ::=

To establish West Bengal as a leading producer of fish and fish products for both domestic and international markets through cooperative movement

=:: MISSION ::=

The Federation aims at strengthening the sustainable fish culture activities both in Inland and Marine Fisheries Sectors through Co-opereative Societies and ebable West Bengal to pay a leading role in fish production


The main objective of Federation of poor fishermen through Fishery Co-Operative Societies by implementing poverty alleviation programmes as well as schemes for increase of fish production

=:: Source of Revenue ::=

Revenue earned through collection of rents from Benfish Tower and Benfish Bhavan, sale of fried fish products, ice blocks, fuel, different collection from fishing harbours, rent collection from cold storages, tariff collection from Tourist Lodges, interest on fixed deposits.

=:: Source of Project specified fund::=

Fund usually placed through Department of Fisheries, Govt. of West Bengal under N.F.D.B, R.K.V.Y, R.I.D.F (NABARD) & N.C.D.C against specific Projects as per proposals submitted by Co-Operatrive Societies